Power Smoothie Aventura


In the Beginning….

Days away from Greatness

Its hard to figure out where it all started for me in business. I wasn’t on my way anywhere in particular. My spine had just retired from plumbing after i spent five years getting licensed. I was an unemployed, single father living on the kind of savings that lasts weeks, not months. I was back in college after working High-rise construction when i got a call from my sister. Our friend Aaron Burke was selling his Smoothie Shop, and the idea would not leave China’s wheelhouse.

She wanted to see what would happen if a Corporate Executive and a Licensed Plumber opened a restaurant. The idea sounded like the set-up to a very funny joke, or the premise of a bad TV sitcom, but i couldn’t tell which so I agreed to it and our first Corporation was born.

Like running a Circus, but with less Travel

Nothing worth doing is ever easy. However, the challenge of being an independent business is NOTHING in comparison to being a restaurant of any kind. The difference between opening a shoe store and opening a restaurant is the difference between caring for bricks and caring for babies. The day you stock the shoe store, your real work is behind you, but your restaurant (like any baby) needs things, makes waste, and requires constant attention.

How a Smoothie Shop Kicks your A$$

How does a mild mannered Blender jockey inspire the world to love a restaurant in an age where love doesn’t really apply anymore?

What can one man do to turn like to love?

Our success so far has been great, we have reached and been affirmed by so many. The people we see every day , WE SEE EVERY DAY, and that shows how a good place can resonate with the people.

I want to see this thing grow, and we’ve grown into the cool little place where people like to be, but I want more, and so do you, so lets do it.

My dream has always been to make MY place YOUR place, so in the coming months, we prepare to take more chances in the quest to be the best damn smoothie and wrap place in the business.


Take-Out Service

We take your phone order, and make it while you drive. Get the great taste of Power Smoothie for a Life on the Go!


Event Catering

Let Power Smoothie handle your catering needs. Whether you need a few platters to feed a small crowd or you’d like us to make smoothies “LIVE” at your location, our flexible event planning staff can help.